Confessions Of A ROB Addict

March 4, 2010

There was a certain point in my life, when I’m pretty sure movies took over my world. It happened probably 6 years back, when broadband was installed on my computer and as a small innocent child, I was exposed to the vast, virtual world of cyberspace. I could see myself transforming into a new being as I sat in front of the computer day-in and day-out, like a toddler obsessing over his new plastic toy, chewing on it all day long, figuring out the infinite ways in which it could be broken apart, not fully understanding it’s potential or the endless possibilities.

Unknowingly, I was becoming an anti-social, technologically-obsessed victim of the corrupted internet: what Kitchi (Editor’s Note – Krishna, from ROB) would refer to as a “Closet Geek”, cause I did appear pretty normal on the outside. After years of prowling over chatrooms, forums, fansites, million dollar ideas, social networking sites and meeting fellow hackers, geeks and weird stalkers who wanted pictures of my teeth for dental projects (No, seriously), I realized that there was actually something that one could learn from all this.

Apart from the fact that I was failing at school (Except math, I love math), the internet never ceased to amaze me or educate me: Until of course, it fell victim to piracy (which is a good thing) and now, I was head over heels in love with it. After that, my daily routine went something like this: Movie, IMDB, another Movie, IMDB, 2 more movies, bladder check, Refill Popcorn, IMDB, Sleep. I was addicted. I became a part of a new generation of men raised by IMDB.

Living in a delusional world abundant with hackers, crackers, technopaths and movie-addicts, cleaning up the beaches was never on my schedule for the weekend. This was before Archanaa and I met Siddharth Hande, Srikrishna “Kitchi” Sekhar and a whole bunch of other people who were ready to get their hands dirty for the sake of the entire world. Yeah, sort of like superheroes. In fact, we call ourselves the “Super awesome cool” clean-up committee (along the lines of “Justice League” or “The Avengers”).

ROB has completely taken over my life since then. There is a perpetual urge to be involved in all of our activities: pushing me every single day to answer my e-mails, update the website and bunk college to attend meetings. ROB became a drug and I was addicted. I was transforming yet again, but this time doing some good along the way.

Gradually, I was spiraling into a new kind of obsession. Saving the environment became a day to day activity and I was actually having fun while doing it. Over the course of the past 3 months, I’ve come to learn so much about our environment, what’s causing its destruction and what the possible solutions to it are. What I refused to learn from my textbooks at school, I learnt from ROB.

Meeting a lot of new characters along the way, ROB has also shown me a way to socialize with the right kind of people: ones who care about the environment and would be ready to do anything to save it from destruction.

Looking back, I am only able to see bits and pieces of all our times together. Like the time I taught Hande and Kitchi how to play the Guitar, or the time I took all those pictures of the Beach and Arun Pandian conveniently took credit for it, or when I taught Anjana to make all those decorations for all our events at SPACES. It’s sad to see people steal credit for the stuff I do, but I guess that’s one more thing that I am ready to sacrifice for the sake of ROB.

From where I’m sitting, I see a group with a lot of potential. I see in ROB, a fire that will burn for a long time to come. We will not rest until the beach is rid of all the sewage, plastic and garbage. We won’t stand by and watch our very own beach ruined in front of our eyes. We will fight towards reclaiming our beaches. But always keep in mind what Archanaa said – “Have fun, responsibility”.

If there’s plastic on the beach

we’ll clean it

if there’s dirt of the ground

we’ll sweep it

we will not stop,

until we get it all.

We’ll get it all!





3 Responses to “Confessions Of A ROB Addict”

  1. nityanand jayaraman Says:

    Wow kau. what a write up.

  2. anusha Says:

    Hey!! Great article. 🙂

  3. charanya khandhadai Says:

    awesome write up………….n i could soooo relate to it!!!:)))

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