Yesterday was the JYG concert, at Spaces, No.1 Elliots Beach Road. Let me just take a second off to thank everyone who came… the event was a HUGE success. The show on the whole went off without a hitch.

The show itself started about half an hour or so late, but the initial trio+Sid (JYG) on guitars was spectacular. Goosebump-inducing harmonies, and voices. The mood was pretty much set when these guys dimmed the lights, and started crooning.

After they finished their set, Ameet & co. walked on stage, to thunderous applause, and proceeded to matter of factly blow everyone away, proving again, why they are where they are.

We had about 400, 450 people attending the event, and managed to fit all of them into the arena/auditorium. The sound was fantastic, and the band even better.

There was a little side-entertainment, by way of NDTV Hindu holding up everyone in the door, while the camera man was desperately trying to get his journalist in the frame, and get her heard, all while trying to communicate with the big shots in the studio over the sound of Junkyard nailing their songs. Both reporter and camera-man were red in the face and puffing at the end of the whole ordeal, and gave up, just taking a bit of video of the band playing.

The band also graciously agreed to sing a song about the beaches, with Ameet singing tongue-in-cheek ‘Save the bee-ches’.

On the whole, an absolutely rocking evening. Both for the us (organisers) and audience, and band and everything.

Finally, a big thanks to Sadanand for letting us use this space, yet again, for absolutely no cost, and bearing with all the annoyances of everything.

Krishna, ROB


Thank you!

December 21, 2009

We needed to drop in and say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came. It was absolutely brilliant. The auditorium was packed, as must have been obvious, and we actually had to send some people away due to lack of space.

Thanks a million everyone and do respond similarly on the 30th and 31st of Jan.!

Till next time….

A groovy night!

December 20, 2009

Tonight Junkyard groove’s rocking the north end of Elliot’s Beach. At SPACES, #1 Elliot’s Beach road.

This evening will be the culmination of weeks of planning and excitement and continuing calm chaos. The agony over when to have the concert (because Madras’ versatile crowd attends rock concerts and goes sabha-hopping with a gusto!), the ecstasy over JyG’s willingness to help. The designing of posters, deciding ticket prices…it was all fun, fun and (I being an out of action bystander for most of it) tiring and bewildering.

But now, with our first (quite successful) press conference behind us and this noteworthy concert tonight, we’re gaining confidence and ground. Our first concert- and it includes big names: Junkyard Groove (a huge name all over the country) along with Ranjini, Kavitha and Priyanka (who city band followers will recognise).

Tonight we hope to sensitise people to what ROB is. Tonight we hope people will come forward to be a part of ROB. But above all, tonight we hope people will have a completely awesome and memorable experience- one that they will look back on delightedly for days to come. And one that will remind them anew just what a good time along the beach can be!

For an idea of what ROB is, go to the manifesto.

We’re Everywhere!

December 18, 2009

Yesterday, (17th December, 2009), we had a press release, officially launching our beloved campaign, and I’m very happy to say that it was quite a success.

Four of the major English dailies (The Times, Hindu, Indian Express, and Deccan Chronicle) have given us reasonably good coverage, and some nice articles. NDTV Hindu was extremely generous, and interviewed Siddharth Hande and Srikrishna Sekhar from our campaign for about twenty minutes… at primetime no less!

We also released our transect data, about the garbage on Besant Nagar beach. Turns out that’s it’s a scientific study, and it generated quite a bit of interest.

On the whole, a good day’s work for the team.

Now we’ve got to finish organising the Junkyard Groove concert on Sunday, please do come.