Yesterday was the JYG concert, at Spaces, No.1 Elliots Beach Road. Let me just take a second off to thank everyone who came… the event was a HUGE success. The show on the whole went off without a hitch.

The show itself started about half an hour or so late, but the initial trio+Sid (JYG) on guitars was spectacular. Goosebump-inducing harmonies, and voices. The mood was pretty much set when these guys dimmed the lights, and started crooning.

After they finished their set, Ameet & co. walked on stage, to thunderous applause, and proceeded to matter of factly blow everyone away, proving again, why they are where they are.

We had about 400, 450 people attending the event, and managed to fit all of them into the arena/auditorium. The sound was fantastic, and the band even better.

There was a little side-entertainment, by way of NDTV Hindu holding up everyone in the door, while the camera man was desperately trying to get his journalist in the frame, and get her heard, all while trying to communicate with the big shots in the studio over the sound of Junkyard nailing their songs. Both reporter and camera-man were red in the face and puffing at the end of the whole ordeal, and gave up, just taking a bit of video of the band playing.

The band also graciously agreed to sing a song about the beaches, with Ameet singing tongue-in-cheek ‘Save the bee-ches’.

On the whole, an absolutely rocking evening. Both for the us (organisers) and audience, and band and everything.

Finally, a big thanks to Sadanand for letting us use this space, yet again, for absolutely no cost, and bearing with all the annoyances of everything.

Krishna, ROB


Inside A Newsroom

December 19, 2009

Yesterday was the first time I’ve been in a TV newsroom, ever.

It’s totally worth the experience.

To elaborate :

The car from the TV channel first came and picked us up, and 6 :45, for an 8: 30 live broadcast, although it was about twenty something minutes away. Once we get there, we’re driven into this HUGE area, with several corporations/businesses in it, and NDTV Hindu being just one of them. At the gate, the driver lets us go, and someone else takes over, taking us to NDTV’s office, where someone else takes over, and guides us to the head honcho’s lair. Incidentally, she was extremely sweet to us, asking us about our campaign, and what we found on the beach.

Back to the story.

We got a really fast guided tour of the office, who does what and all that, and then were made to wait in these two chairs, right in the middle of the hall, where we had a glorious view of everyone rushing around, looking in a hurry, and really busy. Sid, unsurprisingly, happened to meet a couple of people he knew.

The way these poor journalists were running around, was quite like they were on fire. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it wouldn’t seem out of place, if one of them barged into your office, looked at you with these large, bulging eyes, and said


and then turned around and left.

I found out four things there:

A) The banter that the news readers do, is completely a show. They start about six seconds before they go on air.

B) Reading a teleprompter is hard. They’ve got this little knob thingummy, under their table, which they turn to move the teleprompter forward or backward, so they can read it easily. And the chap who types out the stuff on the prompter, has a heck of a job. Spelling mistakes would be quite hilarious.

C) The news readers also find reading some stuff from the prompter either funny/stressing. There were times when both the readers were sighing sighs of relief when they went into breaks. And another when one of them could just about hide her smile at the news.

D) Being a journalist would be fun. Stressful, though.


Krishna, ROB

We’re Everywhere!

December 18, 2009

Yesterday, (17th December, 2009), we had a press release, officially launching our beloved campaign, and I’m very happy to say that it was quite a success.

Four of the major English dailies (The Times, Hindu, Indian Express, and Deccan Chronicle) have given us reasonably good coverage, and some nice articles. NDTV Hindu was extremely generous, and interviewed Siddharth Hande and Srikrishna Sekhar from our campaign for about twenty minutes… at primetime no less!

We also released our transect data, about the garbage on Besant Nagar beach. Turns out that’s it’s a scientific study, and it generated quite a bit of interest.

On the whole, a good day’s work for the team.

Now we’ve got to finish organising the Junkyard Groove concert on Sunday, please do come.