Chennai? Madras?

January 8, 2010

The lovely weather’s lasted a much longer time than anyone (except perhaps, a rabid optimist) would have hoped.

Sitting on the beach and wanting to slip into a sweater or (at the very least) a full-sleeve shirt is fantastic. Sitting outside and breathing in air that feels clear as crystal and cold enough to make you realise that your breathing is wonderful. Madras, is this?

Global warming, people say. It’s not fair really. It’s so bad for the world. And so good to us Chennai-ites. Then again, maybe it’s just good ol’ Madras December/January back again.

This is the time of year when sounds carry, more people stay in, fans go off, blankets come out. It’s like being on vacation without stirring an inch!

Also- with this kind of weather, cleaning the beach will be a joy. Goodbye, reluctance-breeding-stickiness.

Inhale, invigorate yourselves. Go for a walk along the beach.
Remind yourself why you love it, why you love Madras. And why it’s all worth reclaiming.

Akhila, ROB